Carter Capital


Carter aim to return 25 – 40% p.a to its clients via low risk strategies, depending on strategy.

Bespoke Discretionary Portfolio

Carter will create a bespoke long term Crypto portfolio for you, based on your specific risk  appetite & time horizon. Carter can alter the risk/return profile of each clients’ portfolio, as per their preferences.

Net returns achieved for a moderate risk/return profiled portfolio:

2020: 124%, 2021: 107%, 2022: 3%


Benefit from our in-house algorithmic trading strategy, backed by powerful machine learning & technology.

Net returns achieved: 2019: 99%, 2020: 259%, 2021: 150%, 2022: 0%


Benefit from the rewards of Crypto Mining through Carter’s in-house operation, based in Dubai, UAE. Crypto that is mined goes straight to the investors own wallet. This is an asset backed investment, if you decide to exit the investment, Carter will sell your mining rigs on the secondary market & return part of your investment to do (approx. 10-15% depreciation per year).

2022: 25%


Gain exposure to DeFi rewards via an algorithmically optimized strategy. Use your wallet to deposit on Carter’s platform, receive Crypto returns direct to your wallet. Investors are free to deposit or withdraw at any time.

Projected Annual Returns approx. 20%

Minimum Investment Size = USD $250,000